why get an inspection?

There are lot of reasons to get a home inspection.  Let us start with the most popular reason.  You are buying a resale home.  When you went to look at the home chances are you did not look closely enough to see any defects in the home.  As well you may not know what to look for, what constitutes a defect or not.  Getting a second set of eyes and a view point from someone that doesn’t have a stake in the sale of the home.  The seller wants to sell and might over look something to sell easier, the real estate agent is on commission and only makes money if the house sells and you the buyer have an emotional response since this is the house you chose and might not see things.  By having someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in the home inspect the home it is another set of eyes that does not have a vested interest in the home. The inspector can have an outsider look at the home and using his experience can have an impartial view of the home.  That is where a good inspector comes in.  They come in as an outsider with a clearer head and can see things others may have over looked.


Second reason that you might get an inspection is that if you are selling a home.  If you are planning on moving getting an inspection on the home can point out defects in the systems that might hinder the sale of the home.  It gives you an opportunity to fix things so you can get the most out of your home.  It might also give a faster sale or closing of the home.


Third reason is you want to know what needs to be repaired around the home.  It is a home maintenance inspection.  It gets you ahead of the game and might catch things before they become a catastrophe.


Fourth reason is you are starting a major renovation and don’t want any surprises.  If you want to build a deck or finish a basement that can run into the tens of thousands of dollars, getting an inspection can help mitigate any surprises like needing a new furnace or a new roof.  This ties into the fifth reason, you just finished a major renovation and want to see if it was finished correctly.  By getting the renovation job inspected you can find things that the contractor might have overlooked upon completion of the job.


When an inspector is done with the inspection he will give you a written report, whether it is in pdf format or in a binder, that you can go over an make a repair list to fix.  The report will also give you some more knowledge that you wouldn’t have before the inspection.